• Surfactant Technologies

    Surfactant Technologies

We provide customers with the latest, bespoke surfactant and coatings technologies to meet their quality, safety, environmental, performance, cost and service requirements.

  • Surface Emulsifiers

    The surface emulsifier range produce products that exhibit ease of refinement, superior mechanical and thermal stability, extended shelf life, good resistance to shear stability and increased resistance to water penetration.

  • Underground Emulsifiers

    This versatile range has been designed to produce emulsions that exhibit ease of refinement, with excellent repump ability and excellent shelf life characteristics.

  • Packaged Emulsifiers

    The packaged emulsifier range produces emulsions with long shelf life and good Velocity of Detonations (VOD’s).

  • Value Added Products

    Custom products for unique applications.

  • Fertiliser Coatings

    Coatings and Internal Additives for Ammonium Nitrate.Nutrient Slurries for Coating onto Fertilisers. Coatings for Attaching Powders to Fertilisers. Urease Inhibitors (NBPT) for fertilizer.

  • General Chemicals

    We supply a range of chemicals to the manufacturing sector including the detergent, construction, paint, mining, personal care, adhesive and agriculture industries. The company also manufactures a range of defoamers and surfactant emulsions for the paint, ink, mining and agriculture industry.

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